More from Mother’s Manual


An excerpt from A. Frances Coomes’ Mother’s Manual. It is written as a reflection, almost an examination of conscience. I found it a helpful to meditate upon:

My home it is highly important that I endeavor to make it an attractive, cheerful place for my husband and my children.

It should not be forgotten that the attitude I manifest towards my husband may greatly influence authority in the home. The children may learn much from my manifest attitude

Children should not be witness to angry words between parents. Sometimes the great virtue asked of me may be silence- a patient and cheerful (not angry) silence.

My husband’s job of providing and managing family affairs may be vexing and worrisome. The home as an attractive place when he returns from work, my readiness to share his concerns, words of encouragement – and of praise at times the tenderness of understanding and wifely affection when he is worried or discourages.

Nagging can never do anything but effect destruction and promote discord. The need of cheerful silence, at times – and of patience. . .

“Two in one flesh”  is God’s plan for man and wife. When my husband looks to me for affection – even though I may be tired or distressed – I must know that in a true sense I am part of him, as he of me. Real selflessness and generosity at times is called for. How do I respond? With gentleness? tenderness?

The attractiveness of my person- even inside the home . . . In the morning – before my husband leaves for work . . . an nourishing breakfast according to his preferences? My apperance in serving it


A Woman and a Little Girl


I found this on pinterest. Many women found it disturbing and were indignant towards the very idea of feeling like a little girl. The comment “eww”  was declared more than once. But I think the quote expresses the feeling a woman gets when a man teases her; she feels like a woman because she is receiving male attention and like a little girl because she is not being taken too seriously. It seems modern women want to be taken all too seriously and are afraid of showing any vulnerability for this sentiment to upset them so much.

The Silent Woman

In one his lecture’s  Fr. Ripperger’s asserts that one of the most beautiful things in this world is a silent woman. This statement struck me as true.

I asked my DH if he thought it was true and he agreed. He then  told that a year ago at Mass  I left the pew and went to the side to soothe our baby, he didn’t realize this and when he saw me, he thought to himself, who is that devastatingly beautiful woman? (He has never called me that before ) He realized oh, that’s my wife. My silence changed my disposition so much that my husband didn’t even recognize me.

Being an introvert, a natural loner, a very quiet person in social situations when my husband comes home, I feel like finally the person who understands me is here and I can  talk!  Probably way more than he’d like. But this revelation definitely makes me want to shut up more. At least give him a little more room to relax. 

Sleeping Alone

My husband is traveling this week for work.  I read somewhere that women sleep better with a man in the house. I believe it. I never sleep well when he’s gone.

I Also found this : According to Tradition Which Side of the Bed should Men Sleep on? A lot of men said they preferred the side closest to the door,  But there didn’t seem to be a general consensus on the matter.