Reading List

Homemaking 2019 Reading List

Here are some books that have been recommended to me and I hope to read this year. What are some of your favorite homemaking books?

         A Mother’s Rule of Life by Holly Pierlot 

This book has been recommended to me twice this month. It looks sweet and has a good rating on goodreads the only complaint from the reviews, “too Catholic” – sounds promising.

The Hidden Art of Homemaking by Edith Schaeffer 

This book has been on my reading list for several years. I keep hoping I’ll find it at a thrift store but haven’t had much luck, it’s also not available at our local library so I decided to just order it this year.

  Large Family Logistics by Kim Brenneman 

I still don’t feel like our family is “large” but people keep telling me I’d like this book.



What I’m Reading:


In Death of the Grown-up  Diana West explores the decline of Western civilization, the disappearance of adults, the rise of political correctness, Islamic terrorism and multiculturalism. It has been at once a depressing and inspiring read . . .


Alice Thomas Ellis was a fascinating woman, a talented catholic novelist, and an anti-feminist. When she was nineteen she became a postulation but had to leave the order due to health problems. She later married Colin Haycraft. They were happily married and had seven children. Her book,  The Serpent on the Rock   is a non-fiction work  which examines the changes within the church after Vatican II. It has been described as irreverent, spicey, passionate – combative.  Well,  it is certainly fast-paced, witty and straight-forward. Ellis does not mince her words. I enjoyed her candor and humor although I could see many Catholics taking offence at her tone. As one book review stated, You won’t find this one at your local Catholic bookstore! 


Books Read & Reading List

It has been a good reading year, half way through and twenty-nine books read. Many of the books I’ve read have been influential: The Gulag, The Lost art of Dress, The War of Art and Jane Keyon’s poetry have all changed my habits,  routine, writing and prayer life for the better.

I am currently reading: Antonia White’s Frost in May, (So Good!) Bridget Whipple’s High wages, Daphne Du Maurier’s The Flight of the Falcon,  Selected poems of Jorge Luis Borges and for Spiritual reading St. Mary Agreda’s  Mystical City of God. I usually read five or more books at a time which seems normal to me until I sit down and actually list them.

I’m always looking for books to add to my reading list. What are you reading? What’s on your to read list? The best book you’ve read this year?



The Domestic Church: Building a Modest Library

Every Catholic home should have a modest Catholic library. Here are some starters:

Most Catholics have heard of the newer “Catechism of the Catholic Church” but have not heard of  “The Catechism of Pope Saint Pius X” or “The Catechism of the Council of Trent” but these books are excellent resources and every Catholic home should have them! If you have children, The Baltimore Catechism is also a good resource.


For Spiritual Reading I love Mary Agreda’s “Mystical City of God.” I do not have the complete set but I do have a selected edition called, “Divine Mysteries of the Most Holy Rosary” which I can’t find anywhere but there are other abridgments available 

Mystical City of God ~ Mary of Agreda ~ The Mystical City of God: Life of the Virgin Mother of God, manifested to Sister Mary of Jesus of Agreda, 1602-1666 - Imprimatur H. J. Alerding, Bishop of Fort Wayne. Rome City, Ind., Aug. 24, 1912.:

St. Francis De Sales is one of my favorites and “Introduction to Devout life” is a Classic!

An Introduction to the Devout Life (Tan Classics) by St. ...

A good Latin/English Traditional Missal is a must. Whether you are able to attend a Traditional Latin Mass or not, it is filled with a wonderful treasury of prayers and  illuminations that uplift the soul. You can find older one’s on etsy. The one I have was my Great Aunt’s and it is beautiful!

Latin/ English Missal. Saint Paul Daily Missal. Hardcover 1960.


A Children’s Missal is also good to have. I love “Manner’s in God’s House First Prayers and First Missal” it is a charming classic:


The Secret of the Rosary” by St. Louse De Montfort is my favorite book on the rosary:


Of course, there are so many other great books out there but these are the ones I find myself coming back to again and again.





What We’re Reading

The Crows of Pearlblossom by Aldous Huxley


I was surprised to find a children’s book by Audlous Huxley but he did write one for his niece Olivia as a Christmas gift in 1944. My girls enjoyed the story of Mr. and Mrs. Crow who protect their nest from the evil rattlesnake with the help of a wise old owl.

Brat Farrar by Josphine Tey


I am enjoying this English mystery. Josphine Tey writes without pretense, so clear that it almost reads like a children’s story but with weightier subject matter. She is an excellent writer, said to be the greatest mystery writer of her time. I have not finished it so I couldn’t say just yet.

Mouse House by Rumer Godden


Rumer Godden is one of my favorite writers! This little story book is charming and the illustrations are adorable. My girls just loved the story of the little mouse family and their home.