pending sales

Unbelievable, Etsy Get Your Act Together!

I run an etsy bookstore. It does well. The books move, I get good reviews, I make some money, it is an enjoyable endeavor but Etsy has a “bug” and my sales have been stuck in “processing” the third party money pusher (basically an etsy version of paypal) is dead. Not functioning – CA-put !

I have had orders “pending” since July 4th! I can do nothing about it. It is unprofessional, it is an embarrassment, it is unbelievable that this bug is still not resolved.  Some shops have had orders pending for a week or more! I can understand a glitch for a day or two, a week, no.

Etsy has offered no support, no compensation for the trouble, for customers lost, for orders lost. NOTHING. Some of my costumers are in a catch-22. They would like to cancel their order because of the “bug” but guess what, they can’t. Why? Because their order is still stuck in processing!   Etsy get your act together!