Nurture Shock


I enjoyed the book “Nurture Shock” although it wasn’t as groundbreaking as the reviews made it out to be, overall it was an interesting read. Some quick takes:


  • Praising children can cause more harm than good and doesn’t necessarily = encouragement/ motivation
  • Self-esteem is overrated
  • White families don’t talk about race and should
  • Sleep deprivation makes children fat not TV
  • educational TV is trash perhaps worse than Trash TV
  • Children grow into lying not out of it
  • Permissive parenting isn’t effective


Toys My Children Actually Use



Melissa and Doug Cleaning Set. This is a cute and functional set. My girls love to play house with it and they also love to use the brooms to help me clean the bathroom & kitchen. It’s solid and the stand makes it easy to put away.

Stephen Joseph Spend, Save and Share Bank, OwlSpend Save Share Money Bank. I got this for my oldest. The piggy bank has three separate compartments one for spending one for saving and another for giving. It is incredibly cute and has been an easy way to teach money management skills.


Night Sky Book My girls love this book! It has 34 glow in the dark constellations. The maps  are arranged by season and it even tells you a bit about the mythology behind the formations.

and its perfect companion . . .

is this glow in the dark star set . My girls (with my husband’s help) have created several constellations on their ceiling. They had a blast.  I love that it takes up no extra space in their bedroom, it had a lot of play value in it’s building  and they still love having the lights turned out at night so they can see the stars.

Toysmith Critter Cabin

Toysmith Critter Cabin. This is a sturdy bug house that has lasted us two years without any problems. My girls have successfully raised 3 caterpillars in it this summer and were able to observe countless other little critters.


Pack of 4, BYB Super Bright 9 LED Mini Aluminum Flashlight with Lanyard, Assorted Colors, Batteries Not Included, Best Tools for Camping, Hiking, Hunting, Backpacking, Fishing and BBQ

Who says you have to buy toys anyways. All children love flash lights and they’re very handy to have around the house.

What toys do/did your children love?


A Poem for The Baby Album

to capture the moment

I take a picture of you-

those unrivaled rolls and cheeks.

(ah! that baby skin! that smile!)

Now, when you’re older I’m assured

to remember you, so perfectly encapsulated!

Yet I know you’ll be changed, grown

unfolded into maturity and real.

And I’ll look at the glossed relic

not with recollection

only disbelief.



Dear Parents

  1. it’s okay for your children to climb up the slide
  2. It’s okay if they play with the mulch
  3. or sticks
  4. The puddle at the bottom of the slide? Have at it!
  5. Jumping off the swing won’t kill them.
  6. Falling down builds character.
  7. Ignore your brood. Go ahead! Really-
  8. Sit down, read a book, do a workout.
  9. Stop hovering.
  10. And Stop wondering who’s in charge of those unruly children- their mine- yes, all of them, no, I don’t have twins.


Some Links to Posts I thought were interesting:

Wifely Submission is Easy: Well,  the principle is simple.

Groundless Fears of Men About Their Daughters:  Ah, a subject my husband and I frequently revisit. We are not opposed to our daughters going to college but we do not take the matter lightly either.

Women and Morality  Women are not little, emotionally driven, amoral faeries that men must repel or appease in order to survive. Women can attain virtue- should attain virtue and like men will have to stand before God and face judgment. Women however, have different duties than men and seem to approach morality differently as well: “I would say not that women are amoral but that their morality is teleological (utilitarian) rather than deontological. . .  women do not generate their own morality internally, but rather, typically, adopt the morality of the crowd. The second point is that putting women in positions of religious authority is obviously liable to lead rapidly to the promotion of moral error. . . Incidentally, studies have shown a truly extraordinary correlation between a father’s religious practices and those his children eventually adopt, and very little correlation with the mother’s.”

Mr. Bach

Introducing our new pet budgie, Mr. Bach:


It’s a lot of fun watching my girls take care of Mr. Bach- they are extremely diligent and have even picked out music for him to listen to. He is settling in nicely and the girls are eager to finger train him, which shouldn’t be too hard considering he is a hand-raised Budgie.