nature study

Northern Mockingbird

Northern Mockingbird  Photo Credit 

With a peripheral
dart you caught my eye

and this mornings’ catch
I see –
in your ebony beak.





A thistle shot up
between the stonewall and road,
and I awaited its peak,
So close!
Those purple blooms,
I kept returning to its rooted home,
But yesterday it wasn’t there.
Some weedwacker wacked it through
I supposed,
Looking at the trimmed edge.
Such a long anticipated prime,
I almost went again today.

A Bumble Bee

Weeding the garden I found

a newly sprung lettuce head,

near its out-most leaf, crawling,

I met A handsome bumble bee.

look at you, I murmured and bowed

to see his wings rent

so forsaken he seemed to me

a King Lear imperial and abandoned.

I hailed his majestic wings undone

and harked their mournful hum,

extolled his onyx, gold robe and watched

how he staggered and spun

I turned to the weeds again-

There was nothing to be done.