Duties of Mothers

From Mothers’ Manual: prayers and Advice for Catholic Mothers (emphasis mine):

Parents should know and realize well that the fourth commandment applies extensively to them. The Commandment “Honor your father and your mother,” imposes upon parents the grave obligation of deserving this “honor” in their manner of conducting themselves as parents.

I shall give an account to God for the souls of my children. This is no trifling matter.

Merely pointing out faults of my children is not enough. Well-directed parental correction that develops interior obedience is necessary. [It is not enough to see our children’s vices we must help them cultivate virtue!]

I should know and understand well that without proper example on my part my words will be of little worth.

The task of a mother toward her children is not merely to correct faults but also keep track of her children and give directives. The whereabouts of my child? Companions? Activities? Where am I when my children return from school? at home waiting for them? -and interested?

Children and school work: Here is an excellent area in which to build up character. Children are admonished by the fourth commandment to fulfill their school duties as directed; parents should take proper means to see what they do. The importance of a work schedule for a child- established and adhered to.

My personal interest in the work and wholesome interests and activities of my children. Assistance? Encouragement? Praise?

Their religious education of my children- even from the earliest years. The obligation is not a trifling one; I shall give an account to almighty God.

My children and Mass attendance. My responsibility to see that they do attend- and my duty to give example by reverent participation.

. . . The home should be a place where my children feel invited to bring their companions; and it should be attractive, wholesome place for them to enjoy recreation – properly regulated and supervised

When my children come to me with questions and problems, it is important that they should feel welcomed and encouraged. Patience and love can matter greatly here.

Cheerfulness and self-control on my part, these may mean much to the emotional well-being and proper developments of my children.

The duty of instructing children in proper manners – toward older people. Also, toward each other.

A mother’s duty of nursing her child unless there is a justifying reason not to . . .

A mother’s duty to see that her children are baptized without unreasonable delay.

My children and their vocation in life, This is a matter primarily between God and my child: it is important to be helpful in any way that a mother may – especially by my example and prayer – but also that I never interfere with God’s way or endeavor to force my will toward the choice of a particular state – religious, married, single. [I think of this often. How am I to help my girls in regards to their vocation? If my girls become religious sisters at least I know there are wonderful orders they can join. But what of marriage? The dating scene is bleak now, what will it look like in ten, fifteen years?]”