Rules for A Happy Successful Husband

The Thinking House Wife writes a list of rules for men. I think it be best to see such a list written by a man but I present it here for reflection:

In the spirit of the previous list:

1. Be decisive and confident. You’re in charge.

2. Show affection, and don’t criticize. [I have benefited from criticism given in the right spirit.]

3. Train your eyes.

4. Compliment your wife often. [I prefer good -natured teasing. But compliments are nice  when they are truly meant.]

5. Discipline your children.

6. Listen. [Rather vague, No?]

7. Take your wife out on Friday night, even if just for coffee. [We are poor, tired, homebodies. What catholic family has money for a weekly date night?]

8. Fix something around the house and contribute to daily chores. [I think couples fall into this naturally. I present household problems I can’t fix to him and he addresses them on his terms. He helps with the daily chores that we both somehow consider to be his.]

9. Never indulge anger or impatience.

10. God wants to help you. Confide in Him.


Helen of Troy


Women envious that they can’t disrupt the world to wars, discredit her beauty: Who is that beautiful? No one. Her appeal: Who is that desirable? No one. And shrug it off. But you can’t dismiss ancient myth- Leda and the Swan!- implanted in our psyches. Men sobered by the tale, by  war,  don’t disregard Helen.They see her as an ideal, a villain, a warning, an archetypal woman that could drive you mad!

John C Wright on 19th Amendment

read in full  Repeal the 19th Amendment

an excerpt:

But women and naturally less suited for war and conflict than men. If the vote were restricted solely to men, perhaps the public debate over public laws would make fighting wars and fighting crime its primary, or even its only, order of business. Perhaps all these other things, housecleaning the environment, mothering the poor, schoolmarming the schools, would be done privately, not by the government.

Perhaps if women did not vote, they could see to the environment, the schools, and the poor through the institutions of the Church, which are better suited to charitable activity and feminine compassion than the hard and harsh swords and balances of townhall.

The Nanny State only exists in nations where all the Nannies were given a vote.



P.S. Mrs. Wood also linked to Wright’s article: thinkinghousewife