masculine virtue

John C Wright on 19th Amendment

read in full  Repeal the 19th Amendment

an excerpt:

But women and naturally less suited for war and conflict than men. If the vote were restricted solely to men, perhaps the public debate over public laws would make fighting wars and fighting crime its primary, or even its only, order of business. Perhaps all these other things, housecleaning the environment, mothering the poor, schoolmarming the schools, would be done privately, not by the government.

Perhaps if women did not vote, they could see to the environment, the schools, and the poor through the institutions of the Church, which are better suited to charitable activity and feminine compassion than the hard and harsh swords and balances of townhall.

The Nanny State only exists in nations where all the Nannies were given a vote.



P.S. Mrs. Wood also linked to Wright’s article: thinkinghousewife 

In Praise of Masculine Virtue

There have been a few times as a mother that I thought that I was about to lose a child. During these crises, My husband remained collected and focused. The adrenaline that pumped through my body, helped me scream for help and care for my child as best I could, but I am forever thankful that my husband was there in those moments.

It’s hard to describe my terror and the comfort I took in my husband’s leadership and protection. Each time he stepped in with such certainty, that I could not help but surrender myself to his charge. He was quick to asses the problem and quick to act. The adrenaline that pumped through his body must have been threefold mine and must have given him inhuman strength and almost divine clarity in response. I have always watched and been inspired by those flashes of masculine virtue, of fatherly love, and protection. I thank God that my children have such a father. I thank God that I have such a husband. For,  after these terrifying accidents, he always comes to me,

how are you?

Are those grey hairs I see?

Come here.

And I melt because he stands firm. I am forever grateful.