Feminists on Etsy, Sheesh.

I find the whole home-made, anti-patriarchy  home decor rather ironic. I mean how do they think the skill of embroidery was able to be preserved and passed down from generation to generation, mother to daughter? um, the Patriarchy.

for centuries men have worked and protected women died for them, so the women could live,  care for children, build up the home and culture. Their protection enabled women to cultivate useful skills like weaving, sewing, stitching. And having time to make something decorative for the home was really quite the privilege- one paid for by a man’s protection and his sacrifices. And do these men get a thank you for creating a higher standard of living, for sacrificing their lives for women and children, for building Western civilization? No. they get this:


It’s not even that impressive as far as embroidery skills go.