Deaconettes, Amoris Laetitia, Communion in the hand . . .

Some common sense on these matters (brought to my attention by Fr.Z):



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Wifely Submission is Easy: Well,  the principle is simple.

Groundless Fears of Men About Their Daughters:  Ah, a subject my husband and I frequently revisit. We are not opposed to our daughters going to college but we do not take the matter lightly either.

Women and Morality  Women are not little, emotionally driven, amoral faeries that men must repel or appease in order to survive. Women can attain virtue- should attain virtue and like men will have to stand before God and face judgment. Women however, have different duties than men and seem to approach morality differently as well: “I would say not that women are amoral but that their morality is teleological (utilitarian) rather than deontological. . .  women do not generate their own morality internally, but rather, typically, adopt the morality of the crowd. The second point is that putting women in positions of religious authority is obviously liable to lead rapidly to the promotion of moral error. . . Incidentally, studies have shown a truly extraordinary correlation between a father’s religious practices and those his children eventually adopt, and very little correlation with the mother’s.”

A Woman and a Little Girl


I found this on pinterest. Many women found it disturbing and were indignant towards the very idea of feeling like a little girl. The comment “eww”  was declared more than once. But I think the quote expresses the feeling a woman gets when a man teases her; she feels like a woman because she is receiving male attention and like a little girl because she is not being taken too seriously. It seems modern women want to be taken all too seriously and are afraid of showing any vulnerability for this sentiment to upset them so much.

Feminism, Go Home! You’re Drunk. . .

I have never encountered a dress code that only set out standards for one sex. They are written for both sexes.

A proper, respectful  environment is an education in itself! The environment reflects and encourages certain ideals.

What you wear changes behavior. Both the way you behave and the way you are treated. It is not insignificant it is part of a good education.

What girls and boys can learn from dress codes:






These might be the best lesson they learn all year.