Men and Women

To an extent men like to see women struggle physically. They just don’t struggle in the same way and somehow find our efforts endearing.  This is not to say that men don’t help women in their struggles, but I do think they like to sit back and watch a bit before lending a helping hand.

A while back, I went to the feed store to pick up some feed.  As I began to lift the heavy bags into the truck, (which I can do with effort) a man nearby saw my exertion and came to help, but not without a slight hesitation and big smile. I accepted and watched how easily he threw the bags in the back. ah, men.


My rakes’ tongs bend and flip.

The leaves fly up and cast down.

I work till my hands burn

With a pause the rake is taken –

And in three rough strokes

you have done what I could only do in nine.

Dear God, you, you were meant for this!

And I, your rib, outdone

admire it, your work, your curse!

Oh, to toil like a man,

Even this exertion makes my hips sway.

I only know desires and labor:

Receiving, bearing, moaning.

I give in.






The Silent Woman

In one his lecture’s  Fr. Ripperger’s asserts that one of the most beautiful things in this world is a silent woman. This statement struck me as true.

I asked my DH if he thought it was true and he agreed. He then  told that a year ago at Mass  I left the pew and went to the side to soothe our baby, he didn’t realize this and when he saw me, he thought to himself, who is that devastatingly beautiful woman? (He has never called me that before ) He realized oh, that’s my wife. My silence changed my disposition so much that my husband didn’t even recognize me.

Being an introvert, a natural loner, a very quiet person in social situations when my husband comes home, I feel like finally the person who understands me is here and I can  talk!  Probably way more than he’d like. But this revelation definitely makes me want to shut up more. At least give him a little more room to relax.