Persecution, Marginalized men, Dating . . .

Donal has another good post found here   he discusses a great deal, including the coming persecution, churches that marginalize men and the bleak dating market.

In regards to finding a good parish I would recommend any FSSP parish. They are excellent. We were able to visit one right before epiphany. The priest was encouraging the men of the parish to take home blessed chalk to bless their home’s doorway (an epiphany tradition). He stressed that it was their right as head of the family to do so and not to miss the opportunity. And in his homily he stressed the importance of the husband’s authority over his wife. It was rather a shock .

Arranged Marriages

Alpha Game writes: In defense of of Arranged Marriages

Having three daughters, the subject hits home. On one hand I agree -women should marry  young, on the other hand I am glad I didn’t marry my high school sweetheart. I was encouraged by my father to break up and go to college and so I did. I never wanted to go to college, I wanted to get married, but I cannot deny that the education I received was life changing, I was bettered by it and I found a better man. I suppose the difference was was I never sought a party life or me time. I was looking to settle down.

I do know that I will:

  1. Raise my daughters within our Catholic faith. Imparting it’s ancient traditions
  2. Give them an excellent liberal arts home education
  3. Teach them to strive for excellence in all that they do
  4. Teach them how to manage a home
  5. Show them that there is no shame in housework
  6. Insist on chaperoned dates
  7.  Teach them marriage isn’t about equality, it’s hierarchical  it needs a head and headship belongs to the man (This is part of our Faith!)
  8. Encourage them to marry young
  9. Impart the wisdom that children our gifts and fertility fleeting
  10. Teach them that children need their mother as the primary caregiver. Daycare can never replace a mother’s love!

If I am able to do all of this to pass down these truths,  I believe they will be able to direct their lives accordingly. Whether a highschool sweetheart or college is part of that time will tell.

Wife Test


I learned something the other day – when my husband and I were dating I failed one of his wife tests.

Did you have wife tests?


I guess I passed.

Passed the important ones. Failed one.

I did? What did I fail?

I opened the car door for you, made sure my side door was locked. When I went to the other side I had to use my keys – you didn’t unlock it for me.

Apparently, I failed this test several times before actually unlocking the door for him.  I don’t remember this at all.

what were the important ones?

You were pretty, devout Catholic and you could cook.

Men are wonderfully straightforward that way.