Lazy Housewife Memes

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You are more likely to have happy children and your sanity when – surprise, surprise – your house is clean.

My house isn’t spotless but when needed, I can make it look presentable in 30 mins. I don’t follow an intense chore schedule, I simply don’t let clutter take over (I GET RID OF IT) and clean as needed.


To Obey

In our first year of marriage I didn’t think that I “obeyed” my husband very much. I mean he never really gave me direct orders and there was little conflict- we agreed upon most everything it seemed. But as the years rolled by I realized that obedience was more than heeding direct orders. I realized that obedience was in  cleaning up the bedroom before he came home, not because he told me to, but because I knew he hated to deal with clutter after work. It was in fixing his favorite dinner,  wearing a dress I knew he loved, or simply biting my tongue and appreciating his advice instead of criticizing it. Obedience, you probably do it more often than you think.

William Morris and Spring Cleaning


The best piece of decorating/cleaning advice I have ever received is from the artist William Morris, simply,

“Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.”

When organizing ask yourself, “is this beautiful? Is it useful, that is, have I used it this year?” If not, then get rid of it; Keep in mind, the less stuff you have the less time you will spend cleaning and organizing.


P.S. check out Mrs. C  great post about slow decorating.