Happy Housewives

“Stay At Home Moms With This Many Kids Are The Happiest, the results of this first-of-its-kind survey may surprise you”

A recent survey confirms what I already knew to be true, “stay at home moms” with four or more children are the happiest. It isn’t surprising that children bring more happiness, but the world just can’t accept this simple truth, children are a blessing.

Have More Children Ya’ll! 



A Poem for The Baby Album

to capture the moment

I take a picture of you-

those unrivaled rolls and cheeks.

(ah! that baby skin! that smile!)

Now, when you’re older I’m assured

to remember you, so perfectly encapsulated!

Yet I know you’ll be changed, grown

unfolded into maturity and real.

And I’ll look at the glossed relic

not with recollection

only disbelief.


Broccoli Soup

I make broccoli soup and my girls start chanting:

Broccoli Stew
Broccoli Stew
Take a bite
but don’t say EWW!


Mothers Who Regret ever Having Children

Sad yet telling article: “Mothers Who Regret ever Having Children”

“Younger women are wising up and planning—or, perhaps more accurately, not planning—their families accordingly. Millennials just don’t want children as much as previous generations did”


But, Corvettes!?

my 5yrs : Big trucks can’t drive crazy but little cars can.
my Dh: little cars shouldn’t drive crazy either
my 5 yrs : But, Corvettes!?


My Sweet Petite

She picked out her outfit today:






Bath Time

I hoist you out the bath

and  half expect to see

you shed a selkie’s skin.





Eldest Child’s IQ

First Born May get Higher IQ Boost from teaching brothers and sisters 


Baby Face

my 6 yr : What are you doing Daddy?

My DH: Trimming my beard.

6 yr: Oh, how about you go baby face?



Feeding Mouths

My children do not believe in snacking; They believe in second breakfast and second lunch.