Bee Venom Therapy

Lyme BVT Update

Bee Venom Therapy is going well. I feel so much better this month. Maybe it’s the combination of bees and sunshine. My husband has noticed the improvement too.

My Husband: Your looking good-  young. Your looking how I remember you.



 (My daughter is responding well to the antibiotics and seems to be her normal self. Aside from the bulls-eye rash she is not symptomatic, Praise God! I pray her healing continues.)

6 Months of BVT!!! Recovering from Lyme


Today marks six months of bee venom therapy! The results are astounding. I will list my symptoms so those who suffer from Lyme can see that healing is possible. You can recover from Lyme!

Symptoms Before BVT and after months and antibiotics: severe migraines, dizziness, joint pain (all over), full body muscle aches, heart palpations, air hunger, sensitivity to light,  extreme fatigue,  hormonal imbalances, lyme rage- mood problems, severe insomnia,  weight loss, extreme muscle weakness (could not climb stairs without losing breath, could not put my hair up without extreme effort and loss of breath). many neuro symptoms including depersonalization, depression, severe brain fog,

Symptoms 6 months into BVT: Joint pain in knees, headaches, occasional fatigue/ fatigue easily, occasional full body muscle aches and hormonal imbalances.

All my Neuro symptoms are gone!

weight is now back to normal and  I am regaining muscle tone!

Symptoms still come back if for some reason I am unable to sting on a sting day. But I hope for a full recovery in a year and a half.

More info on Bee Venom Therapy here 

5 months of BVT!

I should  just start a Lyme Blog. But here it is, I’ve completed five months of bee venom therapy! I’ve stung myself roughly 600 times. The improvements are unbelievable.

Symptoms prior to BVT and after months of antibiotics: depression, intrusive thoughts, depersonalization, migraines, brain fog, eye twitches, full body muscle aches, chronic fatigue (lifting my arm left me breathless), dizziness (so bad I couldn’t walk some days), hormonal imbalances, terrible joint pain, heart palpations, air hunger, Lyme rage and extreme sensitivities to light.

Symptoms 5 months in: fatigue, muscle aches (in legs), joint pain (in knees), hormonal imbalances and headaches.

Of course, if I skip a sting day, many of my original symptoms come back. My back itself is pretty scarred up at this point. But well worth the pain and the scarring.

My sweet honeybees. I love having them in the house. I keep them in a little insect house:

Honeybees ready for a sting session:

Lyme, Drs, BVT

The more Drs I meet and talk to about Lyme, the more I realize, I know more than them. Sounds cocky, I know but its true. I know everything they are going to say before they say it, I know their answers to my concerns and I know ,more likely than not,  I’m going to disagree with them. It makes me want to go to Med school and treat Lyme patients, because I’m more informed than them at this point.

I have yet to meet a LLD who will recommend BVT most of them haven’t even heard of BVT. Frankly, that’s pathetic because it works, there is research proving that bee venom kills spirochetes! It doesn’t morph them it Kills them. Essentially it is a cure. Although I cannot claim that it is because its not  FDA approved. I can say , however, that after 2-3 yrs of treatment I can expect a full recovery.

  It may not be for everyone and other treatments should be available, but BVT should be one of the available treatments and its not. Its not even on their radar.  I have researched extensively, read countless articles, medical journals, peer reviewed reports, books, talked to apitherapists, Lyme patients, Beekeepers, LLD and   I elect to treat myself with BVT. Because its the most effective treatment out there and Drs seem to be too preoccupied with antibiotics,  herbals , diets, the CDC and insurance companies  to see it. 

How the Honeybee Gave Me Back My Life


Go to the honeybee, and learn how she is a worker And how solemnly she does her work, Whose labors kings and common people use for health; And she is desirable to all and glorious; and although she is weak in bodily strength, She leads the way in honoring wisdom.Proverbs 6:10-12

Lyme bacteria feeds on sugar and fat, which translates to joints and brain. When I got sick with Lyme, my brain went first. The Neuro symptoms were debilitating. Trying to speak was an effort, word finding was excruciating, I couldn’t think straight, I was afraid to drive, I couldn’t meditate on the rosary which is my comfort in sorrow, I couldn’t write. Lyme had taken over my brain. A pain much more complicated than the aches of muscles and joints.

Not only was my ability to write gone, the comfort of mediation and thought were gone! I think many writers fear that. To lose that voice that somehow knows the words needed to express the idea that popped into your head while showering,the one that whispers, the perfect rhyme in your ear, unforced and metered. I lost it. I had no ideas, no words, no desire, no meter, rhyme, rhythm, It didn’t matter whether I showed up to write, with pen or paper, or sat down at the computer. It didn’t matter. it was gone. Even the sweet, healing salve of the Hail Mary was gone.

In the past I feared I would lose writing content. That I would dry up, but it never really happened not until getting sick. The pain of Lyme is awful, the aching joints and fatigue are awful, but losing my mind, the edge I was proud of, the wit, losing thought, clear thoughts that was the worst. That was  hell.

I prayed for healing. As much as I could. The antibiotics helped some symptoms but it didn’t touch any neuro problems. And I fell upon Bee Venom Therapy God dropped it on my lap. And as soon as I stung myself a fog lifted. Thank God for the honeybee! I could think again and write again. Thank God! I look at how much I have written since starting BVT. I look at all the poetry I have finished and all the drafts of poems waiting revision (I love revisions!) and I have memorized more prayers, and I have taught my children the rosary. The sweet sting of the honeybee gave me back my muse. Gave me back my prayer life, reason, clear thoughts! 

Bee Venom Therapy for Lyme Disease


I feel so much better since starting BVT! I just want to shout it from the roof tops! Bee venom therapy works! It kills Lyme. Honeybees are miraculous healers!

I am blessed to have found this therapy, difficult though it may be I am blessed! Since beginning therapy, I have more energy, my air hunger has left, my heart palpitations have left, my brain fog has lifted and I have resumed one of my greatest passions- writing.

I still have fatigue, joint pain and headaches but they are manageable with this treatment and in two to three years I can expect a full recovery. A full recovery! Because BVT is not FDA approved we can not state that it is a cure. But it has been proven the Bee Venom Kills spirochetes*! BVT is hard, it is painful, but it works. And I want everyone who suffers from Lyme disease, who has lost their livelihoods, who has lost  their joys in life, to know that Bee Venom Therapy works!

Thank God! Praise God!


Studies on Bee Venom and Medical uses

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Immunological Effect of Honey Bee Venom in Mice with Intracerebral Candidiasis 

Also the facebook group: Pioneers healing Lyme with Bee Venom Therapy provides tremendous support for those who elect to treat Lyme disease with BVT.

*The antimicrobial agent melittin exhibits powerful in vitro inhibitory effects on the Lyme disease spirochete.

Lubke LL, et al. Clin Infect Dis. 1997.


Borrelia burgdorferi has demonstrated a capacity to resist the in vitro effects of powerful eukaryotic and prokaryotic metabolic inhibitors. However, treatment of laboratory cultures on Barbour-Stoenner-Kelly medium with melittin, a 26-amino acid peptide contained in honeybee venom, showed immediate and profound inhibitory effects when they were monitored by dark-field microscopy, field emission scanning electron microscopy, and optical density measurements. Furthermore, at melittin concentrations as low as 100 microg/mL, virtually all spirochete motility ceased within seconds of inhibitor addition. Ultrastructural examination of these spirochetes by scanning electron microscopy revealed obvious alterations in the surface envelope of the spirochetes. The extraordinary sensitivity of B. burgdorferi to mellitin may provide both a research reagent useful in the study of selective permeability in microorganisms and important clues to the development of effective new drugs against lyme disease.

PMID 9233664 [PubMed – indexed for MEDLINE]Full textFull text from provider (HighWire)

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bee4The bee is more honored than other animals, not because she labors, but because she labors for others. ~Saint John Chrysostom

I’ve been sick. Too sick for words. Sick for a long time – months. I have Lyme Disease. It hurts to put my hair up, it hurts to take a shower, it hurts to move. Some days I just lay in bed. Others I feel better, I do simple chores and take care of my girls.

Lyme, I thought it was just fatigue and joint pain. No one said it was going to feel like a ton of bricks were on my chest as I tried to breathe or that the joint pain throbs like a jammed finger. But it’s not just a jammed finger it’s  jammed knees, elbows, shoulders, toes- a unified, throbbing, chronic and invisible pain. I didn’t know what it could do. What it could take away so rapidly –  my routine, my desires, my life. I didn’t know the heaviness that it would bring!

But I’m getting better- Thank God! I am getting better through the sweet healing sting of God’s honored honeybee! I sting myself with bees an inch along my spine on acupuncture points. The venom pulses through my back  -it burns. The first time I stung myself, I lost my breath from the shock of it. Now It burns and I am able to breathe and I visualize the venom killing the pathogens that have infected my body, my life.

I think. Oh, to think! I am finally able to think! Lyme takes away thought and with it a certain joy. The joy of clarity. Oh, to have thought! I wanted to think yet couldn’t. They call it brain fog. But it feels more like mindlessness- doing things you know you should do but not fully understanding the task at hand Or trying to express yourself but finding no words, no real thought. But now, I can think again, Write again. Thank God! Thank God!