age gap

Age Gap

My husband’s grandfather advised him to, “Marry a women at least seven years your junior; it’s easier to establish yourself as head.” Well, my husband didn’t follow through on that advice, he is only about four years my senior. But my husband said it was a good piece of advise, a vivid memory.

I can attest the age gap is a comfort to me. It is comforting to know he is older, more experienced, mature. And although the gap seems smaller as we age, it was significant during our first few years together. I married three weeks after my college graduation, he had been a college grad for several years by then. Just that difference gave me sense of security and it gave him a sense of confidence in his role.

Today, my vanity finds comfort in the fact that he is in his thirties and I have not reached that landmark – yet. And if he were seven years my senior, I would probably be just that much more  vain.