You Will Hate Your Husband . . .

You Will Hate Your Husband After Your Kid Is Born 

The world will tell you to hate. Hate your husband for not changing the diaper, for leaving dishes unwashed, for relaxing after work, for opening a beer, for sleeping.  Hate, hate, hate.

There are only two choices to hate or to love. Why choose hatred? There is nothing to gain from it. Resentment, anger, loneliness, self loathing, damnation will follow. Rather choose love. Choose to be sanctified through your marriage.

So what if he doesn’t split the chores equally with you, so what if you spend most of the time caring for the children, so what if you are the one getting up at night to care for the baby.  You were made for this and his’ burdens though different are just as real as yours- so love!

Is not God’s grace sufficient? If you are a wife, those graces flow through your husband, your marriage. Forsake all others, choose to love, will it.

Disciplining Children

The blog Like Mother Like Daughter has a lot of good advice on discipline. I’d encourage you to check it out. Although her posts are a bit long winded for my taste, her advice is practical and her tone encouraging. She’s right, There are so many bad books out there on parenting these days we need to read the subtext in classic literature in order to relearn what has been lost. (Which is one of the reasons I love reading The little house books with my girls.) A lovely blog all in all.

Happy Housewives

“Stay At Home Moms With This Many Kids Are The Happiest, the results of this first-of-its-kind survey may surprise you”

A recent survey confirms what I already knew to be true, “stay at home moms” with four or more children are the happiest. It isn’t surprising that children bring more happiness, but the world just can’t accept this simple truth, children are a blessing.

Have More Children Ya’ll! 


What I’m Reading

The Lost Traveller by [White, Antonia]

The Lost Traveller by Antonia White. This is the second book of a four part series. Apparently Evelyn Waugh admired her writings which is why I started reading them.

Product Details

Lavinia by Ursula K. Le Guin  reminds me of C.S. Lewis’ “Til We have Faces” Pagan with flashes of the beatific.

One Fine Day by Mollie Panter-Downes. An interesting read so far. It takes place in England after the second world war and explores  how the war effected the middle class. Housewives became more isolated, help was harder to find and families had to manage without ‘those anonymous caps and aprons who lived out of sight and pulled the strings’.


I’m always looking for a good book. What are you reading?


P.S.  I’d like to write full reviews once I’ve finished reading them . . .