Religous poetry

The Ascension


Hands, feet, side –

Perfectly marred and scarred

A finger to touch the

Living wounds must rise.


Forty days of rebirth,

A foundation laid

A kingdom restored

To the ends of the earth.


Followers look on amazed

As a cloud raised-

the heavens opened

to behold the Son of man.


The season’s of the Lord,

Cannot be disclosed –

Yet he will return

Just as he has been

lifted from your sight.




The devil doesn’t come

To souls

Horned and pronged.


They say,


He comes with certain beauty,

As an angel





And how am I to know

When he comes?

To say,

“Get behind me!”

If it is my wants recognized?


Dear God,

For Love,

Save me!


I reject all lies,

I reject the father of lies

But now are times of grey-

Or is that a lie too?


Dear God,

For Love,

Save me.


For at times it is all so unclear

to me,

a sinner

amongst the smoke

Amid this burning bush,

What is,

Oh, for love, burn me!


Dear God,

Save me.


It is a grace to ask for grace,

I ask.

It is a grace to receive grace

I must receive –

All is grace!

Let me ask, and ask, and ask –


Harmless, innocent and pure-

Let me coo as a dove at your chest,

Unmoved, Certain and Wise –

Let me strike as a serpent distressed,


Dear God,

Save me,


For Satan whispers in my ear

crimson crystal lies,

Fill me, Dear God and

Cast out these demons inside!