Nora’s Nursery Cloth Diapers Review

I bought a set of Nora’s Nursery Cloth diapers and they’ve been great. If you’re looking for  some affordable cloth diapers I highly recommend them.

The diapers are adjustable just snap them up for a smaller size. At nearly their smallest setting they fit my 6wk old baby rather well:

The Snaps are sturdy. I’ve had snaps fall off after one wash with other brands but these hold up just fine in the wash:

The inserts are easy to put in and out and are super absorbent :


We Give Nora’s Nursery Diapers FIVE STARS!

Do you cloth diaper? What do you use?


Dear Parents

  1. it’s okay for your children to climb up the slide
  2. It’s okay if they play with the mulch
  3. or sticks
  4. The puddle at the bottom of the slide? Have at it!
  5. Jumping off the swing won’t kill them.
  6. Falling down builds character.
  7. Ignore your brood. Go ahead! Really-
  8. Sit down, read a book, do a workout.
  9. Stop hovering.
  10. And Stop wondering who’s in charge of those unruly children- their mine- yes, all of them, no, I don’t have twins.

Mr. Bach

Introducing our new pet budgie, Mr. Bach:


It’s a lot of fun watching my girls take care of Mr. Bach- they are extremely diligent and have even picked out music for him to listen to. He is settling in nicely and the girls are eager to finger train him, which shouldn’t be too hard considering he is a hand-raised Budgie.