Fit Friday?

Since being diagnosed with Lyme I can’t say that I have worked on fitness much. I am feeling better with BVT and have joined my husband in his daily Hiit workouts a few times, but taking it easy, not pushing it like I used to. Annnd, surprise, surprise,  the recovery time is no longer a day or two, its a week or two.

I’ve done research on Lyme and exercise and there’s very little out there. Mainly, “Listen to your body” Which, Frankly, I am getting sick of hearing. If I listened to my body, I wouldn’t have a life! I feel that light yoga is probably my best bet for fitness right now. But I have reservations about yoga; being a Catholic I just find it unsettling. Although in the past I have enjoyed it. Lyme causes your muscles to deteriorate and I have lost a lot of muscle and weight- clearly not a good kind of weight loss.

I work very heard on my health. I follow the BVT protocol carefully, Detoxing is part of my routine, I do not eat any refined sugar, only soaked or sprouted grains, quality meats, lots of greens, raw grassfed dairy. Lyme is hard to beat. It is a daily battle and I’m still trying to figure out what the best fitness plan is.

More Fit Fridays

“A Healthier Husband”

My friends are sharing this article the title makes me cringe, “10 Ways to A Healthier Husband.” The article itself has some sound advice but the tone is controlling. Ladies don’t fool yourself into thinking that you can make your husband healthier, fitter, better – any improvements he does are just that his. You can build him up or tear him down, for sure, but you are not his trainer, you are his wife, focus on how you can be a healthier wife and express your desires if you want him involved. That is, if you want to exercise together, say so! Say, “I want to exercise with you.” or “I want to go for a walk with you” or “I want to eat better” but don’t think you can nag your husband or micromanage him into a fitter man – you will both be miserable if that is your goal.