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Let your love be as pure and enthralling

As a baby’s closing fist.


Preparing For Lent

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Lenten Ideas:

  • Pray for your spouse by name daily.
  • Daily rosary
  • No sweets
  • No Alcohol
  • Every time a family member annoys you offer up that annoyance  for them.
  • Pray a Morning Offering
  • Pray the Angelus
  • No Netflixs
  • Time internet use and limit it
  • No Yelling
  • Stick to morning routine
  • increase almsgiving
  • Spiritual Reading

New Beginnings

They say things happen in three’s and it seems to to be true. Last Saturday We moved (same little city, different home) Sunday we  welcomed our new niece into the Church, and my husband’s dear grandmother died yesterday, she was an amazing woman.  The obituary only briefly touches on her beautiful life, but I hope it gives you an idea of her courageous soul and sharp wit. We miss her already.

Irena Eiva

Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them. May their souls and all the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. 

Gifts Ideas (That Have Been A Hit) From A Wanna-Be-Minimalist, Mother of Four.

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Here’s A List of Gifts That have been a hit in our home :

butterflyButterfly wings, Simple, inexpensive and my girls still play with them  three years later people-  three

Product Details

Flash lights again practical, simple and my children love them. For older children Reading lights.

tooth brush

Battery Operated Toothbrushes I know, it’s terribly practical, arguably worse than socks, and maybe my children are odd but they love getting these. I also buy my girls new hair ties, clips, brushes and the men in my life may get combs & shaving supplies (lame or genius? You decide).

Water Colored Coloring pencils   for the older children and Crayons for the younger ones.  I also get new pencil sharpeners and They usually get a coloring book or a new notebook to go with them. Cute Bookbags and pencil cases are always nice to have (I love goldfish) I found this at TheCrownedRabbit

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Home Life

My baby is 8 months. My eldest is 8 years. It’s nice to see them together. I call them my book ends but my middles don’t like that. They claim they are not books. And they’re not.(My second is very literal, she corrects me nearly everyday on some slight offense of mine and nearly every time she is right and I am wrong.) But it’s nice to see the bookends together. The oldest holding the youngest and I say so despite the middles’ protests.

So we aren’t moving South. We are staying put. Which is exciting too, since we love our Parish and are becoming rather settled. I still miss the South. I hate cold weather, but have learned to immerse myself in books, poetry, writing, and growing our little home- run book business (which is doing rather well.)

We have also joined the local 4-h pony club and it’s been a hit with my two oldest.

My husband got a promotion at work and has been traveling quite a bit because of it. To be honest, I like it when he travels. I miss him, but it’s also nice to chat on the phone at night, text and send each other cute emails or rather I send him cute emails. It’s like dating again, and when he does come home, everything settles so nice and cozy around his homecoming. The girls run up and give him hugs and his deep voice comforts us all and smooths away our daily troubles, Daddy’s home.





The Other Day

The Other day, as I was driving I saw a little flock of birds alight a wire.

They went up and down in a wave and settled near the traffic light.

It was red,

and I stared at them and thought of how they moved as one.

How strange.

Like seeing instead of hearing a four part harmony.

How do they know where to be so perfectly?

Nurture Shock


I enjoyed the book “Nurture Shock” although it wasn’t as groundbreaking as the reviews made it out to be, overall it was an interesting read. Some quick takes:


  • Praising children can cause more harm than good and doesn’t necessarily = encouragement/ motivation
  • Self-esteem is overrated
  • White families don’t talk about race and should
  • Sleep deprivation makes children fat not TV
  • educational TV is trash perhaps worse than Trash TV
  • Children grow into lying not out of it
  • Permissive parenting isn’t effective


Keeping one’s Brain in a Suitcase.  

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The snag in being married to a person who knows more or less everything is that one gets hopelessly lazy. … I never look things up in books because all I need to do is ask him, and when he gives me the answers I don’t properly commit them to memory because I know if I forget all I have to do is to ask him again. It is rather like keeping one’s brain in a suitcase.

Alice Thomas Ellis

Image result for colin haycraft Anna Haycraft wedding Mr. and Mrs. Colin Haycraft (Alice Thomas Ellis’ married name). 

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