Month: December 2017

Gifts Ideas (That Have Been A Hit) From A Wanna-Be-Minimalist, Mother of Four.

marginalia books

Here’s A List of Gifts That have been a hit in our home :

butterflyButterfly wings, Simple, inexpensive and my girls still play with them  three years later people-  three

Product Details

Flash lights again practical, simple and my children love them. For older children Reading lights.

tooth brush

Battery Operated Toothbrushes I know, it’s terribly practical, arguably worse than socks, and maybe my children are odd but they love getting these. I also buy my girls new hair ties, clips, brushes and the men in my life may get combs & shaving supplies (lame or genius? You decide).

Water Colored Coloring pencils   for the older children and Crayons for the younger ones.  I also get new pencil sharpeners and They usually get a coloring book or a new notebook to go with them. Cute Bookbags and pencil cases are always nice to have (I love goldfish) I found this at TheCrownedRabbit

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