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  1. Regarding this prayer: I have a question for you or any other women who comment here.

    As a middle-aged RC father I’m perplexed at many (most?) mothers I know, esp traddish ones. They simply don’t seem to care very much about children/family. Not maliciously, just not very interested. Husbands often seem the opposite (high-stress & worry wort’s). Weird but I have a very large sample size so it’s not just my imagination or personal experience. It’s a real trend where I live. I just cannot imagine 3/4 of the mothers I know ever praying that prayer above; they just don’t care enough. But the husbands about their wives? For sure. And this applies to high SES wives too. As I say, weird.

    My theory? A wife and mother is a skilled, learned job yet women today (from mostly small families) have no training or temperament for it now due to years and focus on education, not people. But honestly I have no idea why so am looking for ideas here.

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