A girl explains why she is no longer an “altar girl”

A beautiful account.

Julian O'Dea

“B” writes:

“I went through a crappy RCIA during which someone encouraged me to altar serve, and I was also encouraged by a dodgy nun before I knew there were such things.

After a while I started attending Latin Masses, I asked the question one day and someone gently explained to me why only boys altar served. I went on a trad pilgrimage after a year or so of serving and saw the most beautiful liturgy of my life and noticed only men did it, and did so with such a profound respect and solemnity. I chatted to a priest there about it and he encouraged me (in a very fatherly and gentle way) to resign to the bishop (who was a big traditionalist himself but was pressured into having women on the altar by a diocese that hated him).

I did this once I got back and the bishop…

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  1. I am glad you liked the account, mrsktc. She seems quite a charming young woman too.

    I dislike seeing women out of the pew. I once told my wife I didn’t want her reading “prayers of the faithful” at Mass.

    1. We’ve been going to a FSSP parish. You quickly become accustomed to the all Male Sacristy. It’s rather a shock going to other parishes now.

      1. Our Parish is just starting an altar guild for women I’m rather excited about it the women take care of the cleaning, the flower arrangements, altar cloths, linens, vestment and repair them when needed.

  2. I used to go to an FSSP parish and I plan to return this Sunday.

    When I was a boy, women were only allowed in the sanctuary to clean. Outside mass times of course.

    There used to be (may still be) altar guilds for ladies.

  3. Our boys won’t serve with girls at the NO (no issue serving the LM; they do both rites). When I remind schedulers about the “no girl” thing I’ve never got any comments yet.

  4. mrsktc, would you be interested in writing a short guest post for my blog on how you, as a woman, feel about these matters, in particular the Latin Mass and women in the sanctuary?

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