Women’s Principal Defect


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“The principal defect that if a woman can conquer this, if she can conquer this one defect she will excel in all other areas of her spiritual life and that is not controlling her husband. Because the controlling of her husband is the violation of every moral virtue. Every moral virtue. It’s against prudence because your not the head. It’s against Justice because you’re usurping his authority. It’s against fortitude because your basically following the weakness of your emotions and wanting to control him to get what you want. It’s against Temperance because your trying to indulge yourself by making him do what you want him to do so you can feel good about yourself. If a woman can conquer that, there is no other area of her life she can’t conquer. . .Their acceleration into holiness is astounding. ” Fr. Ripperger

He then briefly mentions men’s principal defects: effeminacy and unchastity



  1. if she can conquer this one defect…not controlling her husband.
    men’s principal defects: effeminacy…

    Ripperger ministers in trad religious circles; I’m guessing he sees a lot of passive (beta) men with passionate (strong-willed) women. That match is not a bug, it’s a feature.

    But there are still lots of male brutes out there with no-care ditz women. Sort of the Nelson-Lisa match. But I doubt Ripp sees them in confession much :-). Heh, let the “projection” jokes begin…

    1. Doesn’t “ministers in trad religious circles” translate directly to “exorcist”? At least in Francis-ese? 🙂

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