You Will Hate Your Husband . . .

You Will Hate Your Husband After Your Kid Is Born 

The world will tell you to hate. Hate your husband for not changing the diaper, for leaving dishes unwashed, for relaxing after work, for opening a beer, for sleeping.  Hate, hate, hate.

There are only two choices to hate or to love. Why choose hatred? There is nothing to gain from it. Resentment, anger, loneliness, self loathing, damnation will follow. Rather choose love. Choose to be sanctified through your marriage.

So what if he doesn’t split the chores equally with you, so what if you spend most of the time caring for the children, so what if you are the one getting up at night to care for the baby.  You were made for this and his’ burdens though different are just as real as yours- so love!

Is not God’s grace sufficient? If you are a wife, those graces flow through your husband, your marriage. Forsake all others, choose to love, will it.


One comment

  1. I read the article. My mind blows. Every issue is completely preventable. Lack of sleep? Just co-sleep! Dishes? Do sit down meals & nobody leaves until every dish washed. Diapers? Mother does all (some wives get pissed if husband even tries to butt in & I don’t blame them, my wife isn’t gonna change our flats, fix the car, split our wood, or drive us – just watch her try!). Why in the world women (or men) resent the other sex’s natural sphere of authority leaves me weird-ed out.

    The real problem in the article? Women lack homemaking skills anymore (a non-trivial skill set). Hence women are unhappy. Being social creatures, few women have evolved the self-discipline needed for homemaking in isolation. It ain’t natural. This skill & discipline used to be enforced socially by the tribe and that’s all gone. Imagine how miserable men would be if nobody enforced them going to work each morning, taught them to do their job, or held them accountable for failures. Men would lash out at somebody. Probably their wives. Women are no different.

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