What makes a good woman?



  1. Excellent stuff, albeit It unpopular these days.
    Disagreements (besides his nasal drawl!):
    a) Quotes Vulgate, not orig Greek (Church ruled the Greek takes precedent).
    b) Idea that birthing kids makes her less attractive (only in cases of poor diet/exercise).
    c) Marry virtuous even if unattractive? No. Virtue = fit/happy/attractive. Physiognomy is real!
    aa) Fear of the Lord for wife = healthy detachment from family & world. Deep, this.
    bb) Beauty = symmetry, complete, clarity. Complete part is deep, esp. beauty as virtue.
    cc) Nagging creates a mother-son relationship; what wife want that? Amen.
    One comment: women are seriously under-served in modern homilies. Nobody dares challenge them anymore; men get all the action. Were I a woman I would be a bit resentful. This talk was the rare exception. More, please.

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