Reject It . . .

From a Guest post by MK at Donal’s blog:

I recommend critically examining every cultural event then ask: “Would I have created this myself? If the answer is no, just walk away. Life is too short.

In this light, here’s some events I (and now my family) gratefully sidestep:


Valentine’s Day (modern version)

TV parties (e.g. sports, movies)


Birthday/Christmas cards

Secular holidays

Secular anniversaries

Expensive, garish weddings

Expensive recreation

Non-active, non-local vacations (rare exceptions)

May I say what a relief it is to hear someone disavow birthday parties! Good grief the bigger my family gets the more obnoxious they become. I’ve done birthday parties for my children in the past and have enjoyed them, usually just family members present and sometimes we double up the parties. But they are getting old, (heh) the parties I mean, and between my family and my in-laws it’s more than a birthday party a month. No thank you. Though I doubt we will skip them altogether, sizing down the pomp is inevitable as our family grows and guess what- that’s okay.

P.S. I also hate Thanksgiving, but my husband enjoys it so turkey and stuffing it is I suppose.

One comment

  1. it’s more than a birthday party a month

    You’re young. Wait until your siblings start cranking them out. For some? Say 6 kids who have 6 kids each? That’s 50 folk w/adults. 50 weeks a year? Give. Me. A. Break.

    I believe the modern birthday is just another invention so modern parents can smother their 1.8 kids. But actually having brothers and sisters? Now, that’s a present too far!

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