Nourishing Traditions

When a woman stays at home and cooks with good judgement and understanding she watches with satisfaction as her children grow up capable and strong and her husband maintains the good health and disposition that allow him to succeed in his work. She also maintains her own good health. . .

Sally Fallon. Nourishing Traditions

I’ve followed The Nourishing Traditions blog for awhile but finally have my own copy!  It is an incredibly informative cookbook (I am actually reading it cover to cover) and I’ve tried a few recipes. Her sourdough pancakes, basic muffins, salad dressings have all been a big hit with the family.


  1. This book was too yuppie/work-intensive for us (we eat out of a large pot/ frying pan for mass feeding efficiency so skip fancy stuff, maybe it’s just being boy heavy). Hope to try again when family thins.

    1. “This book was too yuppie/work-intensive for us” yuppie haha yes I could see that. Some recipes are rather involved, some are super easy. Of course, our family is still on the smaller side as far as meal prep goes.

  2. I like this book even though our family was too big for us to adhere practically to a lot of the recipes.

    Overall, it’s still my favorite health and nutrition book.

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