1. I yawn at the profanity, but did seethe at these lines:

    The Silent Generation…oppressing anyone who wasn’t white and male. As a result, being old looked awful. Baby Boomers decided they would be and look young forever. The problem with that became obvious when, despite their best intentions, baby boomers not only grew old, but also started their own wars, continued to oppress anyone who wasn’t white and male, and even elected Donald Trump.

    Excellent explanation of why I have zero sympathy for boomer women. Upturn an entire culture then fret the modern youth will now rinse and repeat? Delicious projection. For justices sake, I hope it’s not far from the truth.

    Today’s unsung fashion issues? Most are overweight, and that’s very unattractive. Most are living longer like this too. Most lack strong or even intact family, having never invested much in children or spouses. This creates a certain desperation, especially effecting how older women (who live longer now) project themselves to the world. Sex is all they had or have, and now that is chaff. Sow/Reap.

    Hope to skim that book when I have time.

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