The Moral and Social Influence of Devotion to Mary

“Just in proportion as maternity is honored is womanhood honored, and just in proportion as womanhood is honored are manners and morals elevated. Licentiousness cannot obtain a foothold where the real dignity and sphere of woman is understood and respected. It can prevail only where a low estimate of woman obtains in society, and indeed only where woman entertains a low estimate of herself in relation to the designs or plans of divine Providence. Men, in general, estimate women very much as they estimate themselves, or rather, estimate womanhood as women estimate it, and if women regard womanhood as invested with sacred and awful functions, they will be as averse to wronging her as to the commission of the crime of sacrilege. The maternity of Mary has given sublime moral and spiritual significance to womanhood, as the assumption of human nature by the Word has to manhood itself.”

—- The Moral and Social Influence of Devotion to Mary, Dr. Orestes A. Brownson


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  1. My memory is faint, but I recall reading about a Muslim astounded by a Western king halting his entire procession to let an unimportant lady cross the road. The Muslim could not grok it; in desperation he concluded it must be due to the Christian king’s devotion to Mary.

    Worth reading is the Fathers on Mary as the new Eve. Had an impact on me.

    Also: the modern Protestant revulsion of any devotion to Mary, while early Prots not. And the situation of women today correlates to this change, reinforcing your point.

    Another thing: the modern female Catholic’s revulsion of head coverings (or even dresses). I’ve never understood this.

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