Month: October 2016

Mantillas vs. Hats

Why are mantillas so popular in America?  Jackie Kennedy.




A Poem for The Baby Album

to capture the moment

I take a picture of you-

those unrivaled rolls and cheeks.

(ah! that baby skin! that smile!)

Now, when you’re older I’m assured

to remember you, so perfectly encapsulated!

Yet I know you’ll be changed, grown

unfolded into maturity and real.

And I’ll look at the glossed relic

not with recollection

only disbelief.


To Be With Child

On a physical level pregnancy is healing, as the baby’s fetal cells actually “repair and rejuvenate” the mother throughout pregnancy and the rest of her life. But there is something healing about carrying your husband’s baby that goes beyond the physical. There’s an intimacy felt that is not felt otherwise.

We are happier. I rely on my husband and appreciate him more. He helps me more and takes extra care of the household. We are also quicker to forgive one another’s shortcoming. To overlook them, not to make them more than what they are and work together.

Sometimes I sense him smiling at me- and a feeling of satisfaction sweeps over. I suppose husbands find their expecting wives rather endearing.  Maybe it’s because pregnancy seems to bring out that feminine quality, that satisfaction of  being. I think men are captivated by this since it’s so different from their own masculine experience of becoming, of constantly providing for the family and proving himself a man. . . Whatever it is, I am enjoying it.


The Moral and Social Influence of Devotion to Mary

“Just in proportion as maternity is honored is womanhood honored, and just in proportion as womanhood is honored are manners and morals elevated. Licentiousness cannot obtain a foothold where the real dignity and sphere of woman is understood and respected. It can prevail only where a low estimate of woman obtains in society, and indeed only where woman entertains a low estimate of herself in relation to the designs or plans of divine Providence. Men, in general, estimate women very much as they estimate themselves, or rather, estimate womanhood as women estimate it, and if women regard womanhood as invested with sacred and awful functions, they will be as averse to wronging her as to the commission of the crime of sacrilege. The maternity of Mary has given sublime moral and spiritual significance to womanhood, as the assumption of human nature by the Word has to manhood itself.”

—- The Moral and Social Influence of Devotion to Mary, Dr. Orestes A. Brownson

Another Book

This book has been on my reading list for awhile. I finally checked it out at the library and was not disappointed.  Unaccountable is a book written by a practicing Surgeon at John Hopkins Hospital. It’s an incredible read. It offers simple solutions to significantly improving healthcare and cutting costs. A great Manifesto. All healthcare workers and patients should read it!


5 Useful Baby Products and 3 you don’t need.

Awhile ago Slaviswife posted about essential baby products. Here’s my  list of essentials and a few things you can do without.

Arms Reach CO sleeper. I got this for my first and have used it with all three babies. It works really well. It’s not easy to fold up but never really needed to fold it up until the baby outgrew it anyways. I love having the baby right near the bed but still having my own space as I have a very hard time sleeping. The mattress is firm, easy to clean and it has storage underneath which is really helpful. We never actually used a traditional crib. When our babies grew out of this we used the pack and play and then finally a mattress on the floor.

Arm's Reach Concepts Mini Arc Co-Sleeper Bassinet, Turquoise Geo

Boppy pillows can actually be very helpful. I admit I thought they were a bit gimmicky at first but one of my babies had a really difficult time learning how to nurse and the boppy really helped position her nicely so I could focus on getting her to latch properly. I didn’t have to position three different pillows around my waist to get the job done. Was definitely worth it.

Boppy Nursing Pillow and Positioner, Peaceful Jungle

A simple bouncy seat. My babies loved these. Although they grow out of them pretty quickly I used ours whenever I cooked dinner- Especially with the babies who didn’t like the babycarriers. Yes, there are babies who hate those things – despite their ever growing popularity. Don’t feel guilty for putting your baby down in a bouncy seat.

Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer, Luminosity

Baby Carrier. Two of my babies hated these one loved it. So I put it on the list of useful baby items. But keep it low tech! The simple design is better. I liked this one. Simple, elegant didn’t slip and slide like some of the others. It is also very easy to put on. Also probably easy to sew if your crafty.

Infantino Sash Mei Tai Carrier, Black/Gray

cloth diapers. Even if your not going to use cloth diapers all the time. It is nice to have a few. Especially If your baby is prone to bad rashes like mine were. Cloth diapers will really help air them out and let it heal much faster than the disposables. These grow with the baby so you need less of them and they are easy to wash and use.

Three popular products you can do without.  

A Changing Table. Looks cute and useful but there is really no need for this. I always ended up changing my baby on the floor or on a bed with a towel underneath. By the time the second baby comes you’ll look at this and just see a piece of furniture getting in the way.

Product Details

Baby Monitors, Never ever used them. Thought they were superfluous, I always heard my baby cry, but this may just have to do with the size of one’s home. And these video baby monitors- overkill.

Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor with Interchangeable Optical Lens

Baby Tubs. Waste of space. Babies really don’t need that many baths to begin with and it’s pretty easy to bathe them in the sink when needed. Soon they will be sitting up and splashing about no problem.

The First Years Sure Comfort Deluxe Newborn To Toddler Tub, Blue


Dear Parents

  1. it’s okay for your children to climb up the slide
  2. It’s okay if they play with the mulch
  3. or sticks
  4. The puddle at the bottom of the slide? Have at it!
  5. Jumping off the swing won’t kill them.
  6. Falling down builds character.
  7. Ignore your brood. Go ahead! Really-
  8. Sit down, read a book, do a workout.
  9. Stop hovering.
  10. And Stop wondering who’s in charge of those unruly children- their mine- yes, all of them, no, I don’t have twins.