1. I read the article, and you’re right, it was sad.

    From the article:

    “It’s a huge taboo, admitting this kind of thing, but there’s a growing and largely ignored group of mothers all over the world who are confessing their regret over having children. Day after day, as they change diapers, drive to soccer practice, and help with college applications, they fantasize about a life unburdened by dependents and free from the needs of others. A do-over.”

    So, they wish they had “a life unburdened by dependents and free from the needs of others” . . . sounds pretty selfish to me.

    However, I think the author makes a mistake in suggesting that this subject is taboo and that women everywhere are expected to glow with delight with each child that comes into the family: that’s not an accurate reflection of our society.

    The way I see our society, people everywhere have already been hating motherhood for years. This is neither recent nor is it taboo. It is actually very commonplace. Abortion and contraception became accepted in part because mothers hated being mothers. And this is talked about all the time.

    They don’t phrase it in those exact words: “I wish I had never had my children.” But, they say it all the same when they advise newlyweds: “Consider carefully if or when you want to have children; you don’t want it to burden your marriage, especially if you’re struggling; you don’t want a baby to interfere with your career aspirations, or those of your husband; why don’t you wait until you have your house and your cars paid off; you won’t be able to attend to the needs of more than two or three children; etc.” The message is clear. They don’t want us having children, because they regret their own. Simple. I don’t see how that’s new.

    Not wanting to be a mother doesn’t have as much to do with motherhood itself as it does with our innate selfishness as human beings. Without the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit and the transforming influence of God’s Word, people are naturally degenerate, depraved, and carnal creatures. This fact is reflected in many areas of life, not just in motherhood.

    I feel sorry for our society, but I do believe that this “I hate being a mother” mentality was predicted long ago, when God foretold us that in the end times, people would lack “natural affection,” among other things (2 Tim. 3:1-5). I would say that hating one’s own children fits that qualification.


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