You can judge a man’s intelligence by his facial features but not a woman’s 

and yet, interestingly enough,

Intelligence is inherited from the mother 



  1. The intelligence from mother study is BS (we don’t know the genes well enough yet and it’s wicked complex). Plus, testing IQ of mothers & fathers show they pass it on about the same, even verbal and spatial, where the male/female brain is different. Heck, even traits unique to males (say shoulder width for throwing, thicker skulls, larger hands or cranium capacity) can pass on through the mother and father as well.

    But we don’t need to know this to know the study is bunk. Female IQ fits “tighter” on the bell curve and intelligence is wild complex, so of course both men and women would have to contribute to it or that linage would go extinct over time if not due to lack of diversity. This is a no-brainer (heh that bad pun shows my lack of brains).

    The study about brains from face in men not women makes a lot of sense tho, since men select for health over brains in women but not vise-versa, and men display and women choose. But I would bet men spot and shun danger-low IQ women because that’s a serious selection issue and it effects their looks. Can’t have a woman so dumb (or so smart, like INTJ!) she forgets to feed the kids, that gets bred out fast.

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