Month: July 2016

Lyme and Other News

My youngest seems to have kicked Lyme into remission! Praise God! (Thank you for your prayers!)

My Lyme however is flaring up and due to other health issues I had to put BVT on hold.

On a brighter note a new FSSP Parish is opening up near us and we are becoming new parishioners!

Deo Gratias!

Resquiescat in pace, Father Peter Carota (Traditional Catholic Priest)

Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord.
And let the perpetual light shine upon him.

And may the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen.

Catholicism Pure & Simple


I have just read this breaking news on The Traditional Latin Mass Society of San Francisco:

“We have received the sad news that this morning (July 8, 2016), Fr. Peter Carota, is no longer with us. Please pray for the repose of the soul of this great priest. We will post funeral details when it becomes available.”

This is indeed very sad news. Fr Peter Carota had been suffering from a long, mysterious illness that caused him much suffering, and an inability to either eat or drink. This good and holy priest, strong promoter of the Traditional Latin Mass and traditional Catholic piety, will be sadly missed by many, not only those from his parish who loved him dearly, but from the thousands who drew strength, hope and comfort from the wonderful articles he published daily on his blog, Traditional Catholoc Priest. In the past we often re-blogged…

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Unbelievable, Etsy Get Your Act Together!

I run an etsy bookstore. It does well. The books move, I get good reviews, I make some money, it is an enjoyable endeavor but Etsy has a “bug” and my sales have been stuck in “processing” the third party money pusher (basically an etsy version of paypal) is dead. Not functioning – CA-put !

I have had orders “pending” since July 4th! I can do nothing about it. It is unprofessional, it is an embarrassment, it is unbelievable that this bug is still not resolved.  Some shops have had orders pending for a week or more! I can understand a glitch for a day or two, a week, no.

Etsy has offered no support, no compensation for the trouble, for customers lost, for orders lost. NOTHING. Some of my costumers are in a catch-22. They would like to cancel their order because of the “bug” but guess what, they can’t. Why? Because their order is still stuck in processing!   Etsy get your act together!


The Center Cannot Hold

The center of our home has been gutted and the rest of the house has fallen into disarray (despite great effort). It is tiring living without a kitchen! We have no oven or sink (aside from the bathroom sinks) The fridge has found its new home in the living room. We grill, toast and microwave our way through life these days. I am ready for the simple luxuries of a functioning kitchen!  However, we found some water damage  and so the project will take longer than we anticipated.

Beginning of project (2 weeks ago)