Please keep my sweet two year old daughter in your prayers. I found a terrible bulls-eye rash on her arm and she was diagnosed with Lyme disease today. The Dr. put her on antibiotics. (She is too young for Bee venom therapy).  Please pray for her healing.



  1. Holy God, I lift up Mary Anne to You and lay her before Your throne. This precious daughter, created by Your hands alone, is in desperate need of Your healing and You care. So I call upon You, Healer, Great Physician, Creator, God, and ask You to heal her quickly, to remove pain from her, to comfort her, to touch her. And I lift up her Mommy and Daddy to You, too … the pain of a parent when their child is hurting and ill is something intimately known to You … so You know how to care for them, how to love them, how to nourish and comfort them in the depths of their souls. Thank You for a family who loves and honors You. Thank You for being God and for giving us free access to You through the blood of Your Son, Jesus, in whose Name I pray, amen.

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