Day: June 20, 2016

A Letter From My Great Aunt Sr. Elizabeth to all her Nieces and Nephews

Oct 1992

Feast of St. Michael, Gabriel and Raphael

My Dear Nieces and Nephews,

Through the years, time and places have not permitted me to say many things to you. However, I want you to know that each one of you is very dear to me, and will always be so; and that, I gladly welcomed you into our family, as each of you was granted life among us. I have followed you from babyhood and even up to your present adulthood. When I could not see you, your parents kept me up to date on your activities in which I was always interested. It has given me great pleasure to see you, now grown into your places in life, and leading good lives with your present responsibilities. I’v rejoiced as each of you received the Gift of Faith at your Baptism and all the sacraments that followed, strengthening you in the practice of your Holy Faith. I pray each day, that every one of us will die firm in our Faith, with a firm belief in out Eternal Union with God, our true purpose in living.

Now that many of you are parents yourselves or uncle and Aunts with little ones, may you pass on to these little ones, the real truths which give happiness and real purpose to their lives on earth. I have welcomed all these children, as I have welcomed your coming among us.

May God and out Blessed Mother Mary, keep us faithful to the graces we have received, and bring us all together again in tour true home Heaven. May our patron saints and our guardian angels ever help us on our way to out Creator and Redeemer. In the meantime, let us ask for the graces we need each day, for ourselves, and all our relatives, this  supports our whole family.

Our 1989 family reunion was truly a wonderful occasion for which I shall be ever grateful, to all who made such a times so lovely an event. May we all meet int the heavenly Reunion we are now preparing for.

God bless each one of you. I will beg God’s special graces on each of my dear nieces and nephews as I wait to welcome you home. pray for me.

Love, Aunt Elizabeth.

P.S. Remember Grandee-Ma who prays for you now, including all she never lived to see of her great-grandchildren. Her wish is as ever, that you pass on to them their true inheritance, their faith, won and cherished by generations and ancestors through sacrifice and even persecutions.

P.P.S. What joy to see you come into our final Family Reunion!

Sr. Elizabeth


Old Family Photo Album


My Great Grandparents and their two eldest children (they had ten children). I never met them but I feel like I have, my mother is always talking about Grandema and Poppop. How dear Grandema was, how devout both of them were. The little girl on my great Poppop’s lap became a nun and the little boy (the younger child to the left) is my own Poppop.

A Mirror for Artists

The furious pace of our working hours is carried into our leisure hours, which are
feverish and energetic. We live by the clock. Our days are a muddle of “activities,” strenuously pursued. We do not have the free mind and easy temper that should
characterize true leisure. Nor does the separation of our lives into two distinct parts, of which one is all labor–too often mechanical and deadening–and the other
all play, undertaken as nervous relief, seem to be conducive to a harmonious life. The arts will not easily survive a condition under which we work and play at cross-purposes. We cannot separate our being into contradictory halves without a certain amount of spiritual damage. The leisure thus offered is really no leisure at all; either it is pure sloth, under which the arts take on the character of mere entertainment, purchased in boredom and enjoyed in utter passivity, or it is another kind of labor, taken up out of a sense of duty, pursued as a kind of fashionable enterprise for which one’s courage must be continually whipped up by reminders of one’s obligation to culture. – Donald Davidson.