Books Read & Reading List

It has been a good reading year, half way through and twenty-nine books read. Many of the books I’ve read have been influential: The Gulag, The Lost art of Dress, The War of Art and Jane Keyon’s poetry have all changed my habits,  routine, writing and prayer life for the better.

I am currently reading: Antonia White’s Frost in May, (So Good!) Bridget Whipple’s High wages, Daphne Du Maurier’s The Flight of the Falcon,  Selected poems of Jorge Luis Borges and for Spiritual reading St. Mary Agreda’s  Mystical City of God. I usually read five or more books at a time which seems normal to me until I sit down and actually list them.

I’m always looking for books to add to my reading list. What are you reading? What’s on your to read list? The best book you’ve read this year?





  1. Mystical City all volumes, or abridged?
    The Gulag, you mean Solzhenitsyn?

    This year for me:
    Unlimited Power
    NLP New Science
    Get Serious
    Charisma Myth
    The New Depression
    Rex Stout Nero Wolfe (entire series, first to last)

  2. Yes, “The gulag archipelago” by aleksandr solzhenitsyn. I do not have the unabridged volumes of Mary Agreda only selected meditations on the rosary.

    1. I had a feeling Frost in May was going to be sad, given the title. It is the first Antonia White novel I have read.

      I do have the luxury of staying home and I try to fill my time with good books. My sister in law has been inspiring, she is a prolific reader (46 books this year!). She is also a better poet than I- I am just trying to keep up!

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