Day: June 13, 2016

Modernity & Great Religious Fiction

But I don’t believe that we shall have great religious fiction until we have again that happy combination of believing artist and believing society. Until that time, the novelist will have to do the best he can in travail with the world he has. He may find in the end that instead of reflecting the image at the heart of things, he has only reflected our broken condition and, through it, the face of the devil we are possessed by. This is a modest achievement, but perhaps a necessary one. — Flannery O’Connor

Contemporary Artist Andrey Remnev

Many contemporary artists have very good technique but lack that angle, composition; their paintings look like  photographs. That requires suburb technique but where is the artistic touch? Paintings should look like paintings that’s part of their appeal. One should see the meditation and reflection of the artist. Andrey Remnev is a Russian artist,  his paintings are stunning. His attention to detail is exquisite and yet . . .