The Infinite

Between the numbers one and two there are infinite number of rational numbers. between any two numbers there are infinite number of rational numbers and yet we are able to get from one to two. This is worse than Zeno’s Paradox. At least  Zeno was only discussing half the numbers.

The very fact that we have this concept of the infinite and yet at the same time are unable to fathom  it fully,  proves God.  At least, this is how I understood St. Anselm’s ontological Argument for God’s existence. This ontological argument has always made sense to me. Even as a child I would put one mirror up to another and stare out into the green optical tunnel and search for its end. It makes more sense as I look at the world and its infinite qualities.

If we take a flower in our hand and put it under a microscope we find a new world, a whole new layer!  We could continue and if  we did would find world’s within world’s within worlds within worlds. When would it stop? It doesn’t stop at the atom. We know the flower and hold it, but we only know its surface,  we can only scrape its depths and each layer surprises us.

And if after trillions of years we finally grasp this world’s depths,  what of space? When does it end? So often we think of our planet orbiting a stationary sun, it is presented to us this way as children, but we are not merely circling we are spiraling creating a vortex:

We are vortexing through time. Time is considered the only true unit of measure which gives proof to the existence of matter. And entropy is its arrow.  Now look at the world again and see that not only is this world infinite it is also a  low entropy outcome its very existence an improbability! As improbable and yet as certain as God. And He-  the Eternal Word – is found in the Eucharist. And I a mere dot have consumed Him.


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