The Beautician

I got my eyebrows done at my favorite salon. A rare treat indeed.

Are you French?

No, I’m from the South. 

oh, I knew you weren’t from here. You have such an accent.  And your brows are so thick. You know that’s very in these days. 

oh, is it?

Yes, some women would die to have these brows. 



Although, they are rather stubborn aren’t they.

yes, very.

Just relax. 


do you like an arch? you really do have a natural arch let me bring it out a bit. 


Your dress is very pretty

thank you.

we used to call them empire waists. do they still?

yes, I think- well, that’s what I call them. 


Such pretty colors too. 


She begins to fine tune her art (for brow taming is an art!) with tweezers. She must not remember me, but I certainly remember her and her work. She is one of the few beauticians who takes time to look at the face and the brow as a whole.  And by some miracle create a perfect arch, strengthen the bone, round the head- just so, and annihilate those exiled hairs.  

There. take a look. 

she hands me a mirror. the difference is unbelievable. 5 years taken off at least. What craft.

Perfect, thank you. 








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