Rules for A Happy Successful Husband

The Thinking House Wife writes a list of rules for men. I think it be best to see such a list written by a man but I present it here for reflection:

In the spirit of the previous list:

1. Be decisive and confident. You’re in charge.

2. Show affection, and don’t criticize. [I have benefited from criticism given in the right spirit.]

3. Train your eyes.

4. Compliment your wife often. [I prefer good -natured teasing. But compliments are nice  when they are truly meant.]

5. Discipline your children.

6. Listen. [Rather vague, No?]

7. Take your wife out on Friday night, even if just for coffee. [We are poor, tired, homebodies. What catholic family has money for a weekly date night?]

8. Fix something around the house and contribute to daily chores. [I think couples fall into this naturally. I present household problems I can’t fix to him and he addresses them on his terms. He helps with the daily chores that we both somehow consider to be his.]

9. Never indulge anger or impatience.

10. God wants to help you. Confide in Him.



  1. “I think it be best to see such a list written by a man but I present it here for reflection:”

    I understand and applaud your point, but I suspect most men would write from the viewpoint of “What a wife can do to make their husband happy and successful” thereby turning the husband’s self-improvement opportunity into yet another project for their wife to shepherd.

  2. I too liked your comments in response. There are ways a couple on a budget could get away for a bit for free (at least in our neck of the woods). But the suggestion doesn’t take into account things like, Who’s going to baby sit the kids?

  3. We only get out about once every 3 months or so. Our dates are a quick run to the store alone (and ten sitting in the car in the driveway talking for an hour afterwards. Or a movie in bed.

    You take it where you can. Pressure to go out just breeds discontent.

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