The Good Wife

From the Thinking Housewife I think the list is rather good: 

THESE rules, floating around the Internet and on cards in gift shops, are of uncertain origin. They are basic common sense (though not easy to follow), which means they are generally untaught and unknown:

1. Avoid arguments. Your husband has his share from other sources.
2. Don’t nag.
3. Don’t drink or eat to excess.
4. If you offend your husband, always ask forgiveness before you retire.
5. Compliment your husband liberally. It makes him a better husband.*
6. Budget wisely together. Live within your income.
7. Be sociable and go out with your husband.
8. Dress neatly and attractively for your husband and keep your home clean and cheerful.
9. Keep your household troubles to yourself.
10 . Pray together and stay together.

*But it’s even better to do it out of love.

Fortunately, my husband is not a politician because I struggle with being sociable.



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