Being Woman

” It is what we choose to do with our nature that will show what kind of person we are.”

On the Rock

Mother and Child Reading ~ Frederick Warren Freer ~ 1896

One of the most profound things I have figured out and the thing that took me the longest to come to was the idea that I am a woman and that is good.  You might be a bit confused by that revelation, but I remember when this thought first occurred to me as when true understanding finally dawned, it him me so hard that I felt it physically.

Superficially, I always knew this to be true, but one of the things I’ve learned in reading these Truths over the last few years is that there are different levels of understanding.  You will think you understand a concept and then someone will comment on it and you will reach a deeper, almost tangible level of understanding that really sends it home for you.  An understanding that proves the superficial level you…

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