Fit Friday?

Since being diagnosed with Lyme I can’t say that I have worked on fitness much. I am feeling better with BVT and have joined my husband in his daily Hiit workouts a few times, but taking it easy, not pushing it like I used to. Annnd, surprise, surprise,  the recovery time is no longer a day or two, its a week or two.

I’ve done research on Lyme and exercise and there’s very little out there. Mainly, “Listen to your body” Which, Frankly, I am getting sick of hearing. If I listened to my body, I wouldn’t have a life! I feel that light yoga is probably my best bet for fitness right now. But I have reservations about yoga; being a Catholic I just find it unsettling. Although in the past I have enjoyed it. Lyme causes your muscles to deteriorate and I have lost a lot of muscle and weight- clearly not a good kind of weight loss.

I work very heard on my health. I follow the BVT protocol carefully, Detoxing is part of my routine, I do not eat any refined sugar, only soaked or sprouted grains, quality meats, lots of greens, raw grassfed dairy. Lyme is hard to beat. It is a daily battle and I’m still trying to figure out what the best fitness plan is.

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  1. Find a video that emphasizes flexibility. They almost always use poses and stretches similar or identical to yoga but without the mumbo jumbo.

    One that I use to supplement my running is the P90X flexibility video. Lots of overlap with yoga; no mumbo jumbo. Of course itit’s part of an expensive set. But I am sure you can find a comparable single.

    Oh, check on fitnessblender via you tube. I bet you’ll find something there.

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