I’m sure your wife deserved the beatings



  1. I cannot bear this stupidity, this complete lack of empathy, this foolishness. So the man who created the unwanted pregnancy in the first place, does he lack moral agency? How about the one who said he would make her life a living hell if she did not get an abortion?

    The very act of presenting reasons why you believe that women lack moral agency is indeed the same as disputing that you believe that women lack moral agency. Abortion is often rebellion against that very idea, a way of asserting the moral agency that men have often attempted to deprive women of.

  2. Yes, well, anyone can be lacking in moral agency. Both men and women are moral agents and both men and women will be held accountable on judgment day. Each will be judged accordingly. And each can be sanctified by God’s grace. We are all called to be sanctified. I also believe abortion is murder, it should be illegal thus those who provide or procure one should be punished.

    1. Of course, there is such a thing as forced abortions. Those men who take the women to abortion clinics, who cover up incest, rape, abuse, should also be held accountable, they are an accessory to a crime. In my opinion, stopping the abortionist and punishing him (or her) is the primary concern. That does not mean the women (and whoever else was involved) who procured abortions have not also committed a crime.

  3. I think what is at the root of the abortion conflict and the reason why we can never really win politically, is the idea of punishing women. The majority of pro-lifers deny this vehemently and yet there is also quite a contingent that really is motivated by nothing more than a desire to punish women.

      1. And yes there are pockets of the pro life movement that are motivated by nothing more than a desire to punish women. Still I see no problem in criminalizing abortion, holding the men and women involved culpable that’s part of making abortion illegal.

      2. True, but I believe we must seize control of the narrative. Many women now perceive pregnancy, child birth, motherhood as punishment for sin. So even if the idea of punishing women is only a subtle one running in the background it has now taken over the entire narrative and created abortion as defiance of that meme, which only serves to fuel the issue.

        So now men debate the even more demeaning and devaluing idea that women possess no moral agency. You cannot influence people without providing them a carrot. There is no carrot involved in the choice between being bad for having an abortion or being bad for having a child or the choice between being a murder or so stupid you can never possess any moral agency.

        So as a culture we must confront this relentless need we have to punish women because that is what provides the ammo that keeps causing us to lose the war.

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