Fashion, Taking My Husband’s Opinions into Account, What I Learned

Taken from my personal experience: 

  1. Men like cute, its not a bad thing. Cute is a term of endearment and it doesn’t mean you can’t be beautiful or sexy it just means that the outfit brings out the tender, feminine side – its a good thing.
  2. Men know what looks good on you. They may not notice or care about the little details, but they know what looks good on you. I avoided oranges and browns, but my husband told me I look good in them. He was right. The first gift he gave me was a glove and scarf set. The scarf was wool with brown and orange tones, the gloves were orange leather with cashmere lining. I never, never, never, would have picked these out. But I loved them and got a tremendous amount of compliments on them.
  3. Men like the practical.  The key is to be attractive and practical. Wear attractive shoes but realize there is no need for a stilettos, especially if you can’t walk in them. Make sure your outfit fulfills your needs. Sometimes a stark contrast between the sweetly feminine and the ruggedly practical is appealing. i.e. gardening in a cute sundress with extremely sensible paddock boots.
  4. Men like Undergarments.Undergarments matter. Men like slips, a touch of lace . . .   put thought into your undergarments. Even if no one is going to see them, you want a good foundation.
  5. Men don’t necessarily like tight or short: Men like to see a feminine figure, but it need not be tight or short. Err on the conservative side.
  6. Men don’t seem to care about Jewelry too much: Men seem to view outfits as a whole whereas women get caught up in accessorizing. If your hair is up in a nice bun, delicate earrings are a nice touch, they frame the face and draw the eyes to the neck, but no need to be preoccupied with jewelry. My husband likes my wedding ring and a few special pieces he gave me, it seems to be more of a sentimental touch than anything else.
  7. Men prefer skirts and dresses: A women’s figure is flattered by skirts and dresses, men know this, they like it. Pants rarely do anything for a women’s figure and I’ve  given them up. (except for riding. I love riding and sidesaddle is not my expertise the very masculine art of dressage is, ironically enough.)

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  1. I am unsure whether our husbands are very similar or whether this mentality really is so common among men. Either way, a bit of confirmation never hurt.

    1. I am unsure whether our husbands are very similar or whether this mentality really is so common among men.

      It might well be common among certain types of men. I share it, but I know men who don’t.

  2. Well my husband must be the same !

    1. He would say pretty rather than sexy !
    2. Agreed, they also are much better at knowing what is modest than we are.
    3. Perhaps not always !
    4. Very definitely as long as they are not on show in any way, and definitely about slips.
    5. Definitely, if in doubt about whether it is modest or not, then it probably isn’t.
    6. Well at least nothing too showy.
    7. I agree, I doubt that even among men generally, let alone conservative Catholic men there are many men who prefer trousers (pants).


  3. Cool post. Comment: most men don’t know what they like until they see it. Few are creative enough to project ahead, but agreement is prob 95% once looking at the final package. So I would be careful listening too close to men when “building” the outfit, but rather experiment and get feedback. But to confuse things it’s a lot like diet: what tastes bad at first you can grow into over time, but only quality lasts over time so it’s better to focus on that regardless.

    Critical items (none stand alone, and this confuses): fit, material, material quality, woman poise, color and cut symmetry (it’s all gotta match the same “theme”, including the woman herself). I’ve noticed many “cross-thread” items and get confused what drives the show.

    Also: it’s a rare man or woman with the IQ needed for quality fashion. Of the few men with the brains even fewer have the inclination, patience, or care. Few women have the objectivity or skill. Fashion is clearly an evolutionary meme to raise intelligent/artistic women from the pack. Hell, even nature does it with flowers & fruit. It’s a beauty war zone :-).

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