Lexie on what to wear to your wedding: Pt 1

My wedding dress looked a bit like 3.not as form fitting and without the flare. I would caution brides to be a little more conservative. While I was completely comfortable in it that day, I’ve grown in modesty and regret the dress. I agree if you can cover up your upper arms do,do not wear boring strapless, find a flattering, suitable cut and avoid “cover ups.” Great advice. I wish I read this 7 years ago. Hind sight is 20-20.

Julian O'Dea

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Here are some recent comments from Lexie on what women should wear to their wedding:

“For those who need actual guidelines – and, let’s be realistic, many women have been brought up without any sense of propriety – here are some basic pointers: cover the knees and cleavage – it’s okay to show you have cleavage but not to show the cleavage itself. 1 is acceptable, 2 is not, and 3 is debatable/depends on culture.”




dress3“I think the biggest mistake that women make when attempting to be modest is to take the boring white strapless evening gown and merely put some lace or a bolero over the top to cover the shoulders and/or cleavage. Modesty isn’t just about complying with some rules about covering various parts of the body. A…

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