Month: April 2016

The Domestic Church: Building a Modest Library

Every Catholic home should have a modest Catholic library. Here are some starters:

Most Catholics have heard of the newer “Catechism of the Catholic Church” but have not heard of  “The Catechism of Pope Saint Pius X” or “The Catechism of the Council of Trent” but these books are excellent resources and every Catholic home should have them! If you have children, The Baltimore Catechism is also a good resource.


For Spiritual Reading I love Mary Agreda’s “Mystical City of God.” I do not have the complete set but I do have a selected edition called, “Divine Mysteries of the Most Holy Rosary” which I can’t find anywhere but there are other abridgments available 

Mystical City of God ~ Mary of Agreda ~ The Mystical City of God: Life of the Virgin Mother of God, manifested to Sister Mary of Jesus of Agreda, 1602-1666 - Imprimatur H. J. Alerding, Bishop of Fort Wayne. Rome City, Ind., Aug. 24, 1912.:

St. Francis De Sales is one of my favorites and “Introduction to Devout life” is a Classic!

An Introduction to the Devout Life (Tan Classics) by St. ...

A good Latin/English Traditional Missal is a must. Whether you are able to attend a Traditional Latin Mass or not, it is filled with a wonderful treasury of prayers and  illuminations that uplift the soul. You can find older one’s on etsy. The one I have was my Great Aunt’s and it is beautiful!

Latin/ English Missal. Saint Paul Daily Missal. Hardcover 1960.


A Children’s Missal is also good to have. I love “Manner’s in God’s House First Prayers and First Missal” it is a charming classic:


The Secret of the Rosary” by St. Louse De Montfort is my favorite book on the rosary:


Of course, there are so many other great books out there but these are the ones I find myself coming back to again and again.





Baptism of Tears

St. Bernard’s words to a couple who lost an unborn infant:

Your faith spoke for this child. Baptism for this child was only delayed by time. Your faith suffices. The waters of your womb—were they not the waters of life for this child? Look at your tears. Are they not like the waters of baptism? Do not fear this. God’s ability to love is greater than our fears. Surrender everything to God.

-St. Bernard




So used to your body

I roll over, reach out

and the indented sheets

startle me. I forgot,

You’ve gone again.



I vacuum our bedroom

and caught your shoe lace,

so quickly it spun and thumped

so quickly.



I put them to bed,

your babies. I kissed them,

blessed, tucked in, soothed.

The way I do.

They asked for you.



Alone and half dressed,

in our bed with

minty breath,

I wait for you to ring.




The Silent Woman

In one his lecture’s  Fr. Ripperger’s asserts that one of the most beautiful things in this world is a silent woman. This statement struck me as true.

I asked my DH if he thought it was true and he agreed. He then  told that a year ago at Mass  I left the pew and went to the side to soothe our baby, he didn’t realize this and when he saw me, he thought to himself, who is that devastatingly beautiful woman? (He has never called me that before ) He realized oh, that’s my wife. My silence changed my disposition so much that my husband didn’t even recognize me.

Being an introvert, a natural loner, a very quiet person in social situations when my husband comes home, I feel like finally the person who understands me is here and I can  talk!  Probably way more than he’d like. But this revelation definitely makes me want to shut up more. At least give him a little more room to relax.