Are you a good wife? circa 1938

“Oh, and my 70k of student loans that only I could afford to pay. Thinking I could play both roles ruined my life. It stole my babies earliest years from me and ruined my relationship. Thanks feminism.”

On the Rock

One of the women at RPW found these gems from the Good Housekeeping Marriage Book from 1938.

  1. Did my husband start for work this morning in a better frame of mind for having married me, or would he have been happier as a single man or married to someone else? Remember, as you ask this question and apply your own answer, that we are talking about business; hard, practical business where intentions do not count. You may love your husband dearly, but if the results of your love are not constructive, you must write the word FAILURE across the record. 
  2. Do I always treat my job just as seriously as if I were working in an office for a monthly salary? Some wives feel that it makes no difference if they linger so long over bridge or cocktails or shopping or whatever in the afternoon that they are unable to prepare…

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